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State : New South Wales

Arms (crest) of Coffs Harbour

Official blazon


The arms were granted in 1966.

The arms show the four major industries of the time - banana, timber, agriculture and fishing.
There are two seagulls perched at the top to indicate that Coffs Harbour is by the sea. Between the seagulls is an anchor indicating the significance of the harbour and of the local fishing and sea export trade.
The shield displays a golden background or field, so coloured to allude to wealth derived from Coffs Harbour's various industries.
The two cedar trees in the upper half of the shield also allude to the forests and the timber industry The oxen further symbolise the early history of industry and commerce of the district, and the heavy haulage of timber from the local government area's western districts to the sea.
Between the trees there is a gold miner's pick - a symbol of the early gold mining days, when Coramba was the district's major township.
A banana sapling, perhaps currently our most famous emblem, is depicted on the left and is balanced by the sugar cane plant on the right.
At the bottom of the shield is a golden ship, the centre of which has furled sails to emphasise safe anchorage in our harbour.

Above the shield there is a helmet (of the appropriate style for civic authorities) adorned in accordance with heraldic law with wreath and mantling

The whole achievement rests in traditional fashion upon a scroll with the motto "progress and prosper" written across its length, The motto was selected contrary to advice from the London College of Arms who had suggested "Advance and Prosper" or "Forward to Prosperity" as appropriate mottos.

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