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Coats of arms with a kind of cross, other types of crosses will be listed separately below the subcategories.

Normal Cross
Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross)
File:Cross couped.gif
Small Cross

Small saltire
File:Cross maltese.gif
Maltese cross
File:Cross moline.gif
Cross moline
File:Cross of Calvary.gif
Cross of calvary (all colours)
File:Cross patriarchal.gif
Orthodox cross
File:Cross of Jerusalem.gif
Cross of Jerusalem (all colours)
File:Cross potent.gif
Cross potent
File:Cross fleury.gif
Cross fleury (all colours)
File:Cross crosslet.gif
Cross crosslet (all colours)
File:Cross bottony.gif
Cross bottony (all colours)

Special crosses

Media in category "Crosses"

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