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Coat of arms (crest) of the Canadian Forces Station Alert, Canada

Official blazon

Perted per pale sable and or, above a base indented of four argent, parted dancetty fess-wise of two azure and charged with two barrulets wavy argent, a muskox head affronté erased or. / Parti par pal sable et or, au-dessus d'une pointe dentelée de quatre argent, parti danché orienté vers la fasce de deux azur et chargé de deux burettes ondé argent, une tête de bouef musqué affronté arraché or.


The black and yellow background signifies the two conitions of twenty-four hours of darkness and daylight which prevails in the Artic. The muskox, a hardy animal who lives and survives despite the many hardships of the icy, barren and forbidding wastes of the Artic, is suitably symbolic of those who man this northern station.

The Motto which translates as "Beyond the Eskimo land" symbolises the fact that no Eskimo (Inuit) have been nown to go and live as far north as Alert, execpt as Department of National Defence or other Federal employees.

Literature: Sent by the Canadian Embassy in Oslo.

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