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Territory : Puerto Rico

Arms (crest) of Canóvanas

Official blazon


The colours gold and violet taken from the banner of the "Hijos y Amigos Ausentes de Canóvanas" (Absent Children and Friends of Canóvanas).

The broken chain symbolizes the discontinuation of Canóvanas as a district of Loíza The crown in the center symbolizes and recalls the supreme hierarchy of the Cacique Canobaná.

The laurels indicating the 23 consecutive wins (one leaf for each win) of the "Loíza Indians" basketball team, establishing a record in Puerto Rico. The basket in the middle of the leaves represents the team and its accomplishments.

The rising sun and its 16 rays of light indicating the sprouting of a new municipality in Puerto Rico and the number of the incumbent mayors, respectively, before Canóvanas was separated from Loíza.

The inscription in the banner recalls: the name of the Cacique and the dates of the installation of the municipal seat of Loíza in Canóvanas, November 30, 1909; and its creation August 15, 1970.

Literature : Information received from Nelson L. Román.

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