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Province : Stadsgewest Brussel / Région Bruxelles
Additions : 1921 Haren, Laken, Neder-over-Heembeek

Wapen van Brussel

Official blazon

  • (1811) De gueules au Saint Michel d'or terrassant le démon du même, armé et allumé de sable, au chef cousu des bonnes villes qui est de gueules à trois abeilles en fasce d'or. Pour livrées rouge et jaune.
  • (1819) Van keel beladen met den aarts-engel Michaël varn zilver de satan van sabel ter nedervellende. Het schild gedekt met eene kroon van goud.
  • (1844, fr) De gueules, au St-Michel d'or, terrassant le démon de sable; l'écusson timbré d'une couronne de comte. Supports: deux lions d'or, portant chacun une bannière dont les trabes, de même, sont passées en sautoir derrière l'écu; celle de dextre aux armes de Brabant, celle de senestre, aux armes de la ville, le tout reposant sur un terasse de sinople.
  • (1844, nl) Een rood veld, met het gulden beeld van St-Michiel, den boozen geest nederwerpende, van zwarte kleur; het schildeken gedekt mer eene grafelijke kroon. Schildhouders: twee gulden leeuwen, dragende elkeen eene vaen wier stokken, ook van goud, kruiselings over malkander achter het schild staen; die ter regter zijde met het wapen van Braband, die ter linker zijde, met het wapen van de stad; alles rustende op eenen groenen heuvel.


The arms of Brussel were granted officially on March 30, 1819 and again on March 25, 1844.

The arms show the local patron saint, Archangel St. Michael. The archangel appeared already on the oldest known seal of the city, known from 1257, but mentioned in 1231. All later arms and seals have shown the patron saint, but the actual composition differed widely during the centuries.

Arms of Brussel

Seal of Brussels

The arms in the Broodhuis museum, Brussels

During the Napoleonic time Brussels was a city of the first rank and was granted arms on June 6, 1811. These arms showed a chief with three bees above the old arms. These were removed when Napoleon was defeated.


In 1817 the supporters, which had been used on several seals and images, were officially granted. The banners were added in 1844 to symbolise the fact that the city had become the capital of Belgium.

It has been stated that the original colour of the arms was a red shield, with a transparent image of the saint. Later the saint was coloured according to the colours of the statue on the city hall.

Wapen van Brussel

The arms from 1819

The arms on a medal from 1848
Armoiries de Bruxelles

The arms by Ströhl +/- 1900

The arms on a British tobacco card
Wapen van/Blason de Brussel

The arms in the Koffie Hag/Café Hag albums +/- 1930

The arms on a trade stamp, 1920s

The arms on a stamp, 1940
Wapen van/Blason de Brussel

The arms on a police badge (source)


Literature : Servais, M. : Armorial des provinces et des communes de Belgique. Liege, 1955, 1041 p

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