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Province : Free State
Incorporated into : 2000 Mangaung

Arms (crest) of Bloemfontein

Official blazon


  • Wapen: In blou, twee toegewende goue horings van oorvloed, die regterkantste gevul met blomme en die linkerkantste met water.
  • Helmteken: 'n Vuurherd met vlamme van natuurlike kleur.
  • Wrong en Dekklede: Goud en blou.
  • Skildhouers: Regs 'n blesbok en links 'n swartwildebees, albei van natuurlike kleur.
  • Wapenspreuk: FLOREAT


  • Arms: Azure, two cornucopias respectant, the dexter one issuing flowers and the sinister one issuing water.
  • Crest: A grate inflamed proper.
  • Wreath and Mantling: Or and Azure.
  • Supporters: Dexter a blesbok and sinister a white-tailed gnu, both proper.
  • Motto: FLOREAT


The arms were officially granted on November 25, 1966, but were previously granted in the UK.

The arms are canting: Bloemfontein means "flower fountain". The cornucopias also refer to the prosperity of the town and region.

The crest is taken from the arms of 19th-century president Jan Brand (meaning 'fire'). Until the 1950s, the name "Bloemfontein" was inscribed on the shield, above the cornucopias.

Arms of Bloemfontein

The arms on a tobacco card (1931)
Arms of Bloemfontein

The arms on a first day cover

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