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Heraldry of the World (Armorial du Monde)
Civic heraldry of France - Armorial de France

Département : Pas-de-Calais
Additions : 1972 Blangerval, Blangermont


The arms were proposed in 1994, but I don't know whether the arms are adopted by the local council.

The arms show in the first and fourth quarter the arms of the de Cunchy family. The village of Blangermont was a possession of this family from the 15th century and they held the estate for several centuries. The second and third quarters show the arms of the Du Chastel family. This family acquired Blangerval in the 17th century and, of the many families holding the estate of Blangerval, this family owned the estate for the longest period of time.

Literature : Bouchet et al, 1994

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