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Civic heraldry of Serbia - грбови Србиjе


District : Beograd

Arms (crest) of Beograd

Official blazon


The arms were granted in 1931 and revised in 1991.

The arms are canting, the name Beograd, or Belgrade, means white city. It also refers to the local fortress Kalamegdan (from two turkish words kale: fortress and megdan: duel, battle), originally built in the second century AD. Today it is used as a museum.

The rivers are the Danube and Sava rivers which join in the city.

The ship is a Roman galley which suggests the Roman origins of Belgrade (when it was known as Singidunum), even though a settlement existed here many centuries before already.

The large arms of the city :


The eagle in the large arms is derived from the National Arms. In its claws the eagle holds a sword and olive branch which suggests on the rich history of Belgrade. The sword for the many battles around the city and the olive branch for peace. .

Below the eagle there are the medals that have been awarded to the city, the Ratni krst čehoslovačke (War-Cross of Czechoslovakia), Orden legije časti (Medal of Legion of Honor), Orden narodnog heroja (Medal of the National Hero) and the Karađorđeva zvezda sa mačevima (Karođoređev's Star with Swords).

Directly below the eagle are the arms of the old city (Stari Grad). Above the eagle a large mural crown indicating the capital city of Serbia.


The arms in the Coffee Hag album +/- 1932

For the different municipalities in Belgrade, see here

Literature : Image send to me by mail; Large image received from the Beograd city. Background by Nikola Vulović

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