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Civic heraldry of Serbia - грбови Србиjе

ARANĐELOVAC (Аранђеловац)

District : Šumadija

Arms (crest) of Arandjelovac

Official blazon


The arms were adopted in 2007.

The arms combine the Serbian Cross (see the National arms) and Archangel Gabriel. Aranđel is Serbian for Gabriel and this thus is a canting element.

The supporters are on the left Đorđe Petrović (Karađorđe), the elected leader of the First Serbian Uprising (part of the Serbian Revolution) that aimed at liberating Serbia from the Ottoman Empire (1804–1813), holding the national flag. The right supporter is Miloš Obrenović, the first Prince of Serbia after the Serbian Uprising. The city of Aranđelovac played a major role during the uprising.

The previous arms :


The building is the Old Palace constructed by prince Mihajlo Obrenović. The mountain behind it is the Bukulja, while the source in the base alludes to mineral waters springs. The sable reminds of battles during First and Second Serbian Uprising, the hammer stands for marble quarries and the pot for traditional ceramics manufacturing.

Literature : Image and information send to me by Dragomir Acovic (acovic@EUnet.yu). New image from and background by Nikola Vulović

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