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Municipality : Alenquer
District : Lisboa

Brasão de Olhalvo

Official blazon

Escudo de azul, cacho de uvas de púrpura, folhado de ouro, bordadura de ouro, carregado de nove cunhas de azul. Coroa mural de prata de três torres. Listel branco, com a legenda a negro em maiúsculas : “ OLHALVO “.


The arms were officially granted on January 24, 1995.

The grapes indicate the importance of viticulture for the municipality. The grapes are surrounded by a golden bordure with nine wedges. The wedges are taken from the arms of the Cunha family, who used nine wedges placed, 3, 3 and 3 as part of their arms.

The Cunha family played a large role in the local history, including the church, which was built and consecrated by Manuel da Cunha, Bishop of Elvas in the 17th century. The Cunha family also has a family pantheon in the church. Among the family members buried in the church is Admiral Tristan da Cunha who was, among others, first Viceroy of India, Ambassador to the Pope, and, by appointment of the Pope, General of the League against the Turks. The island of Tristan da Cunha is also named after him.

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